Master plan

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Stage one of the college master plan

Eventually growing to more than 1500 students, the College opened​ in 2019 with Prep to Year 3 and Year 7 students. The first Year 7 students will graduate from Year 12 in 2024 and the first original Prep students in 2031.

Recognising that our world will be a very different place for 2031 graduates in which collaboration is at the fore, all building stages will feature flexible, inter-connected spaces for either small or large groups, or one-on-one learning, plus large, modern sporting facilities.

Stage one of the master plan includes:
  • Three generously-sized learning areas for Prep students

  • Seven general learning areas for Years 1 to 4 and Years 7 and 8

  • Four specialist rooms including Food Technology, Science, Visual Arts and Industrial Design

  • Tuckshop, lunch covered area and uniform shop

  • Two full-size, covered PE courts, one dedicated for Primary students and the other for Secondary students

  • Two-storey administration building incorporating Resource Centre, Student Services, and three (temporary) general learning areas

  • Extensive car parking and pick up and set down zones

The college master plan incorporates ease of access, extensive and flexible learning areas and generous sports fields


Overview: stage one of the master plan                 Administration with extensive car parking
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