Senior Years Learning (10 - 12)


Year 10 Curriculum Overview​​


2022 will see Good Samaritan Catholic College grow its core curriculum into Year 10. Core learning is essential for all students in Year 10 and provides them with the excellent basis they require for success in Senior School study. Learning in core subjects in Year 10 has the structure shown below in terms of hours of study per fortnight.

Assembly​ / Careers​​​​​​
(1 Semester)
​Health / PE
(1 Semester)
​Hrs / FT
​5 hrs
​8 hrs
​7 hrs
​7 hrs
​4 hrs

​6 hrs
​6 hrs

In Year 10, all students will study a total of eight (8) courses each semester (5 core + 3 elective). The structure of the curriculum offerings for Year 10 for 2022 will be as follows:

Full Year Core Courses (Studied for two full semesters by all students)​
Students will study 4 compulsory 'core' courses in Year 10 for a full year.

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science​
These 4 courses will all be delivered within the guidelines of the Australian Curriculum and Approved Curriculum (Religion).

Half Year Core Courses (Studied for one full semester by all students)​
Students will study 2 additional compulsory​ 'core' courses in Year 10 (one per semester).

  • History + Civics & Citizenship
  • Health & Physical Education
​These 2 additional core courses will also be delivered within the guidelines of the Australian Curriculum.

In 2022, the Year 10 Elective Course Program will be represented by 3 'full year' and 24 'half year' courses. Students will have two possible selection pathway options for completing their program of study within the diverse range of elective courses available to them.

  • Selection Pathway A - 1 or 2 x full year (two semester) and the other semester courses​
  • Selection Pathway B - 6 x half year (one semester) courses
The 'full year' courses in Year 10 provide students with strong opportunities for comprehensive preparation within subject areas. 'Semester​' courses provide students with depth studies with important preparation within subject areas. All courses are studied by students for four (4) hours per fortnight.
​​Skills for Learning​

Prior to making elective course selections, students and parents are asked to reflect on the following list of 'Skills for Successful Learning'. Each of the elective courses described below have an identified set of skills that are desirable for success in that course of study. Identify where your skillset strengths are and consider these when making elective course choices for 2022.

​Skill for Learning

​What does it 'look' like?

Having the capacity for confident communication in written and oral contexts

Being able to contribute positively and effectively within team and group based settings whilst showing both leadership and role playing capabilities during opportunities for collaboration with peers
An ability to identify the essential elements of challenging situations that can be navigated through a planned and methodical approach to overcoming those challenges
​Initiative & Enterprise
Possessing a motivated and enthusiastic approach towards the formation of original ideas and the self-confidence to 'get involved' in learning opportunities
​Planning & Organizing
Maintaining a consistently thorough and methodical approach towards the planning and organization of assignments and extended learning experiences

​Independence & Self-Management
Being able to maintain personal organization and time management demands as well as having the capacity to follow instructions and persevere with extended independent tasks without additional guidance
Being able to access and creatively apply a wide range of technological tools associated with enhancing learning in a range of contexts
​Creative Design
Displaying a natural ability in creative and innovative thinking and presentation style in a range of visual display and presentation contexts
​Applied Literacy
Having the confidence and capacity to apply a well-developed understanding of language within a range of different contexts and genres
Applied Numeracy
​​​​Having the confidence and capacity to apply a well-developed understanding of numbers and mathematical relationships within a range of different contexts

Making Wise Elective Choices​

  • ​Choose courses that not only appeal to your interests but also compliment your own personal skills and talents. Be honest with where your strengths and skillset truly lie.

  • ​Don't select a course simply because you think it might be 'popular' or because your friends have indicated they will be choosing it. It's your study program and your future.

  • Make 'wise' decisions about your Year 10 program to set you up to succeed for Senior. Choose courses that you are confident you will have the ability to succeed in.

  • Choose a range of courses that compliment each other, rather than selecting courses that have no links or future pathway relationships to each other. Whilst you are definitely encouraged to explore your interests in Year 10 across a diverse set of courses, the majority of your course bundle should be relevant to your future pathway aspirations.

  • ​Be aware of how your Year 10 course selections may impact on your Senior Study pathway options. Seek the advice of your Pastoral Care teacher or Mr Lenane, Mrs Willis, Mr Rattray, Mrs Oliver or Mr Elvy. If you have any questions about the future implications and suitability of your selections, then you should ask now.
Students in Year 10 need to follow one of 2 possible elective pathway options. Each option caters for different levels of certainty about future study intent. For students who intend to study Chinese, HPE, or Certificates in Hospitality in senior school, it is advised that you select the year-long course in Year 10 as this will provide the best possible foundation for success in Year 11 and 12.

Year 10 Elective Pathways.png