College Leadership Team

​​​​​Principal – Greg Myers 

  • 30th year as a Principal of Catholic schools

  • Married with two adult children

  • Overall responsibility for College teaching and non-teaching operations

  • Passionate about social justice and putting faith into action

  • Passionate about young people achieving to their ability

  • Loves rugby, rugby league and almost every other sport

  • Keen cook and traveller

Head of College – Lee Elvy 

  • Responsible for the daily operations of the College and curriculum development

  • Key responsibilities in staff leadership, professional learning, student wellbeing and student leadership

  • Responsibilities in leading external assessments, College assessment program and community liaison

  • Guided by a drive for justice, mercy and holistic spiritual and faith development of young people

  • Adore football (Chelsea FC), golf and sport generally

Assistant Principal Religious Education - Louise Mills 

  • Responsible for the Catholic Identity, Religious Education and Faith and Formation practices at the College

  • Key responsibilities in pastoral and behaviour support, celebrations and curriculum

  • Mother to 3 children. Love long walks on the beach

  • Driven to create a sense of belonging for young people in their school community, understanding they are part of a much bigger, sacred story 

  • Passionate about living our faith through action

Assistant Principal​ – Debbie Holmes 

  • Responsible for the College pedagogy, teacher mentoring and support for diverse learners

  • Key responsibilities in leading teacher planning and practice, student data collection and responding to data analysis

  • Married with two children

  • Passionate about helping every child reach their full potential and supporting children who have experienced grief and loss in their lives

  • Loves caravanning, travelling and sitting around a campfire

Assistant Principal - Anna Oliver
  • ​responsible for the development of inclusive and innovative curriculum for the middle and senior years
  • responsible for the daily administration ​of the College
  • Passionate about providing opportunities for students to develop as young people with competence, conscience and compassion
  • married with two children
  • enjoys going to the beach, swimming, surfing and spending time with family

Business Manager – Ben Meyers 

  • Responsible for the financial management and non-teaching development of the College  ​

  • Key responsibilities in building and planning, resource procurement, grounds and maintenance

  • Married with two​ Children  

  • Loyal supporter of Queensland Reds, Brisbane Broncos, Arsenal Football Club

  • Tragic golfer and triathlete