(Full Year Elective)​​

Students have prior experience of learning Chinese and bring a range of capabilities, strategies and knowledge that can be applied to new learning.

They analyze how messages are conveyed across languages and apply their skills in mediating between languages and cultures. Classroom discussions focus on exploring and extending learners' understanding of contexts and audiences to enhance their personal communication skills. Students access information and explore texts written in Chinese, developing strategies to interpret meanings where not all characters are known.

Students interact with a range of known and unknown participants locally and globally, engaging in discussions about issues of personal interest (for example, relationships at home and school). They reflect on their understanding of and responses to their experiences when communicating across cultures. Students construct blogs to post online, correspond with others by text message and email, and compose short texts on a range of issues for difference audiences and purposes.

They use creative, expressive and persuasive language in advertisements and posters relating to contemporary issues or events. They work collaboratively to exchange information and ideas and to share their life experiences with other Chinese speakers around the world.

This course is a prerequisite for Senior Chinese and will build knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for success​ in the senior course of study.

Connections to Other Year 10 Courses: Economics & Business | Hospitality | Legal Studies

Senior Pathway Links: Senior Chinese

Career Development Links: International Business | Tourism | Foreign Affairs and Trade | Translation | Journalism | Education