Our vision:

​Good Samaritan Catholic College will be:
  • a community of faith, grounded in the teachings of Jesus, living and celebrating our Catholic traditions.
  • a connected and respectful community developing strong and positive partnerships with families, the local parish and the wider community.
  • a place of learning where confident, self-directed and focussed students thrive on innovative and critical thinking,
  • working towards a positive and hope-filled future.
Graduates will be discerning, compassionate and confident, with a social awareness that impels them to action as they find their way in the wider world.

​​​Our motto:

“Journey with C​ompassion" expresses the College's charism and is relevant to the spirituality and context of the College, referencing the parable that Jesus told his followers.

It also refers to the journey into adulthood that our students will be making, offering strong suggestion on how best to make that journey.

Who is a Good Samaritan student?

A Good Samaritan student is one who:
  • has a personal relationship with Jesus
  • is known, nurtured and empowered by dedicated teachers
  • is tolerant of a diverse and inclusive community
  • embraces and is willing to challenge their academic and personal growth
Good Samaritan Catholic College is where the values of Service and Compassion, Justice and Respect, and Wisdom and Hope are upheld by all. 


​​​Good Samaritan Catholic College Vision & Mission.pdf