Religious Life


The pursuit to make Jesus known to young people requires us to renew and reinterpret the ways in which we share our faith with the lives of each generation. What resonated in the 1970s or even the 1990s is very different to what speaks to a 21st century child.

Religious Education in our contemporary Catholic schools comprise two distinct but complementary dimensions – teaching people religion and teaching people to be religious.

All Brisbane Catholic Education schools, like Good Samaritan Catholic College, prepare our students for life in a contemporary society: a life that is able to make meaning and shape purpose through the lens of a Catholic worldview which reinterprets Catholic faith in contemporary times.1

While Catholic beliefs remain unchanged, they are still relevant to our modern world. What is different is how we make Jesus' message come alive today and how we prepare students for the lives, work and community involvement we wish for them in the future.

1.     Religion Education Curriculum. A Brisbane Catholic Education Publication (2013).​