Canteen (Sams Kitchen)

​​Following the completion of Stage 2 of the Master Plan in 2021, Good Samaritan Catholic College introduced a cashless payment system called MonitorOnline.

The MonitorOnline cashless payment system provides parents / guardians / carers of students in Prep - Year 6 to pre-order items online from the Canteen, with items delivered to the classrooms during each lunch break. For students in Years 7 - 12, all Canteen items can be conveniently purchased in-store during break times with their Student ID card. Secondary students are also welcome to make in-store purchases using a physical debit / credit card (the use of ​Apple Pay & Google Pay services are not permitted under the College's Mobile Phone & Wearable Device Policy).​

Prep - Year 6 (Online Pre-Orders Only) -

Year 7 - Year 12 (Student ID Card / EFTPOS Only) -

Term 4 (2023) ​Menu coming soon...

Sams Kitchen - Contact Details​

Phone:(07) 5374 8822​


​Operating Hours (Term Time): 7:00AM - 2:00PM​