Master Plan

Established in 2019, Good Samaritan Catholic College embarked on its educational journey with an inaugural intake of around 170 students, spanning Prep to Year 3, as well as Year 7. With a vision of nurturing academic excellence and fostering strong values, the College quickly became a beacon of holistic Catholic education on the Sunshine Coast. In 2024, the founding Year 7 cohort will mark a momentous milestone as they become the College's fist ever graduates, followed soon after by the original Prep cohort in 2031. While initially housing a relatively small student body, the College's unwavering commitment to academic excellence, character development, and holistic Catholic education has fueled its rapid growth, with student numbers projected to grow to 1500 over the next several years.​

Anticipating the dynamic shifts within the educational landscape, the College has been meticulously constructed, guided by a comprehensive building masterplan which embraces the essence of adaptability and collaboration. At the heart of the masterplan blueprint, collaboration plays an important role in its various design aspects, recognizing the paramount significance of preparing students for a world of constant change. The College's strategic approach to architecture encompasses seamlessly interconnected spaces that cater for diverse group sizes, fostering an environment conducive to collaborative learning and meaningful engagement. Moreover, the College's deliberate emphasis on adaptable design ensures the accommodation of evolving teaching methodologies and technological advancements, empowering staff to tailor their approaches for optimal student growth. Beyond academic pursuits, the masterplan keenly addresses the importance of holistic development, carving out expansive modern sports facilities that encourage physical wellbeing and character building.

​​S​tage One

Completing construction in December 2018, Stage One of the College Master Plan included:

  • Three specialised learning areas for Prep students.
  • Seven general learning areas accommodating Years 1 to 4 and Years 7 and 8.
  • Four specialized teaching areas, catering for:
    • Food Technologies
    • Science
    • Visual Arts
    • Industrial Design
  • Communal facilities, including:
    • Undercover eating areas
    • Temporary uniform shop
  • Two full-sized, covered sports courts (one for Prep - Year 6 students and the other for Year 7 - 12 students)
  • A two-story administrative building, comprised of:
    • Temporary Resource Centre
    • Temporary Student Services
    • Temporary general learning areas (3)
  • Onsite parking facilities, including:
    • Designated pick-up and drop-off zones

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 College Master Plan - Stage 1

Stage 2​

Completing construction in December 2020, Stage Two of the College Master Plan included:​​
  • ​​Three general learning spaces, specifically tailored towards Year 1 - 6 classes.
  • A versatile, multi-purpose area designed for Year 1 - 6 students.
  • Ten general learning areas, specifically tailored towards Year 7 - 12 classes.
  • Subject-specific specialist rooms, including:​
    • Three science laboratories, preparation room, and courtyard.
    • One music / drama space, storeroom, and courtyard.
    • One specialized art space and courtyard.
    • Two design technology spaces, complete with a material preparation room and courtyard.
    • Two hospitality kitchens and storeroom
  • Combined Primary and Secondary library.
  • Undercover eating areas for student use.
  • Conversion and repurposing of the two-story administrative building from general learning spaces into administration and staffing facilities.
  • Expanded on-site parking facilities.

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 College Master Plan - Stage 2

​Stage 3

Slated for completion in late October 2023, Stage Three represents the most extensive construction endeavor​ within the College Master Plan, encompassing:
  • ​Twenty-Seven general learning areas, comprised of:
    • 11 Primary spaces
    • 16 Secondary spaces
  • Nine subject-specific specialist rooms, including:
    • 2 dedicated art studios with an undercover courtyard
    • 1 dedicated drama room, complete with staging and lighting
    • 3 science laboratories
    • 1 hospitality training facility (cafe)
    • 1 metalworking room 
    • 1 woodworking room
  • Dedicated support rooms to cater for various needs, including:
    • Pastoral
    • Guidance Counselling
    • Student Support & Inclusive Education
    • IT Services
    • Senior Resource Centre, complete with study booths and meeting rooms
    • Uniform shop, complete with fitting rooms
  • Supplementary communal facilities, including:
    • Additional amenities
    • Pathways between buildings and spaces
    • Covered eating areas

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 College Master Plan - Stage 3


​Stage 4

Set to commence construction in December 2023, Stage Four of the College Master Plan will see the finalisation and completion of Prep to Year 6 facilities, Science and Arts precincts, and Industrial Technology and Design spaces. Additionally, this phase of the College Master Plan will see the construction of a dedicated Senior Precinct (Years 10-12), allowing for continued growth and development into the future.

The College is currently finalising plans and is excited to share its vision for this phase of construction in the coming months...

Stage 4 Concept.png 
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