Vision for Learning


​Philosophy and Aims​​

Good Samaritan Catholic College is committed to ensuring all students engage in excellent holistic learning, founded in all students having equitable access to curriculum and excellent pedagogical practices. Aligned with the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration 2019, our College aims to develop learners who are, and who become, confident citizens with creative capacity, who view learning as a lifelong process that provides them and others with great opportunity, and who understand the importance of being active and informed members of their local and the global community. We recognize that learning is most effective when authentic partnerships between students, teachers, parents and community are focused towards developing capable and resilient young people.

Learning at Good Samaritan Catholic College is founded upon deep and enduring partnership with all stakeholders deeply invested in students’ learning pathways. At the College, authentic learner-centered partnerships engage multiple spheres with focus on student learning progress, community spiritual growth, career opportunities, intercultural understanding and respect, growing sustainable wellbeing practices, reconciliation in all forms and personal development. The learning we design and provide at Good Samaritan Catholic College guides successful, creative and confident learners who are active and informed and aim to shape and enrich our world. Our teachers educate the whole person in community; spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and morally, and understand that each student presents us the face of God. Together, we educate with explicit teaching strategies, within our Catholic view of curriculum, to ensure our students are literate and numerate, critical and creative, ethical and moral, socially and personally capable, inter-culturally capable and ICT capable.

​To continue reading about the Learning and Teaching Framework at Good Samaritan Catholic College, please view / download a copy of the PDF below.

Good Samaritan Catholic College - Learning and Teaching Framework (2021).pdf

​​Curriculum Overview​​

Curriculum Organization

Good Samaritan Catholic College provides students learning through responsive teaching, allowing learning opportunity beyond the Australia Curriculum entitlement. The College recognizes students' developmental growth, transitioning from Early Years Learning, through Middle Years Learning and Senior Years Learning, providing a basis for lifelong learning beyond the College.

With this in mind, the P-12 Learning and Teaching Framework of our College transforms:

Early Years Learning
(P - 4)​​
​Middle Years Learning
(5 - 9)
​Senior Years Learning
(10 - 12)