Disability & Diverse Needs

​This process seeks to reveal and clarify the needs of a student and to identify the educational adjustments required to accessing learning. Adjustments are made for students with a disability to enable them to access the curriculum, achieve curriculum outcomes, and participate in school life on the same basis as their peers. An adjustment is any change made to help a student participate at school, learn, and be comfortable and safe.

The Enrolment Application and Support Process (EASP) may also be used to support the enrolment of students who have been identified as gifted.

Transitions occur when a student has to move from or into a new educational setting. Transitions may occur when students are moving:

  • Into prep
  • From one year level to another
  • From one phase of learning to another
  • From primary to secondary school
  • To prepare for the most appropriate career pathway throughout life

        Before a transition process commences, parents / legal guardians are encouraged to take the time to visit all possible educational settings when considering a placement for a student with a disability. The Enrolment Application and Support Process (EASP) is one way of collaboratively identifying the support and personnel required to make the transition as smooth as possible.


        Enrolment Application and Support Process Flowchart

          Governing Documents:

          Disability Discrimination Act (D​DA) 1992

          Disability Standards for Education (DSE) ​2005