Health & Physical Education


​Health and Physical Education (HPE) involves students learning in, about and through physical activity. The theoretical units on offer focus on mental health, wellbeing and relationships and sexuality. Students will access and apply health information from credible sources to make positive lifestyle decisions for themselves and the community. Students will engage in a range of sports, including Basketball and Athletics in order to develop skills and strategical awareness. The subject also provides opportunities for students to refine and consolidate personal and social skills in demonstrating leadership, teamwork and collaboration.

Students will complete assessments including a research report, multimodal presentation and portfolio to display their understanding of content covered. These assessment pieces will give students a brief insight into the assessment modes required in Year 11 and 12 Physical Education.

Connections to Other Year 10 Courses:
Human Movement Studies | Introduction to Sport, Fitness and Recreation | Religious Education

Senior Pathway Links: Physical Education | Health | Certificate in Sport and Recreation

Career Development Links: Physiotherapist | Exercise Physiologist | Allied Health Professional​