Year 10 Mathematics allows students to further develop essential mathematical knowledge and skills. This learning is twofold, providing students with numeracy capability for personal, work and community life while introducing them to mathematical applications in other specialized‚Äč fields such as Science and Technology. Year 10 Mathematics will also provide extension opportunities for those students taking senior courses in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics.

The Australian Curriculum's three content strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability will see students at Good Samaritan Catholic College calculate compound interest, use trigonometry in right-angled triangles, engage with linear and non-linear relationships, further develop algebraic ways of working, explore proof, calculate surface area and volume of composite solids, compare data sets, evaluate statistical reports, calculate quartiles and inter-quartile ranges and calculate probabilities for multi-step experiments. Assessment instruments include written exams and problem-solving and modelling tasks. These instruments allow students to evidence their learning against the Year 10 Mathematics Achievement Standard of the Australian Curriculum.

Connections to Other Year 10 Courses:
Science | Design & Technologies | Economics / Business

Senior Pathway Links: Essential Mathematics / General Mathematics | Mathematical Methods | Specialist Mathematics | Biology | Physics | Chemistry

Career Development Links: Data Analyst | Scientist | Actuary | Aerospace Engineer | Agricultural Engineer | Automotive Engineer | Biomedical Engineer | Civil Engineer | Electrical Engineer | Mechanical Engineer | Software Engineer | Surveyor | Wildlife Ecologist | Conservation Biologist | Construction Management | Optometry | Health Sciences and Medicine‚Äč